Goal: Valuing People


Attract outstanding students, faculty, and staff


  1. Ensure inclusive processes to recruit and retain outstanding students, faculty, and staff from the broadest, most diverse pool possible.
  2. Expand opportunities for professional and personal development and career progression.
  3. Streamline and facilitate ease of communication among students, faculty, staff, and administration.
  4. Provide an environment of support for initiatives, formal and informal, that foster a respectful, inclusive, collegial, appreciative, and celebratory work and learning environment.


Leverage our strengths as a multifaceted Faculty of professionals and professionals in training.


  1. Increase awareness and experience of the benefits of intercultural fluency between departments and schools.
  2. Establish and articulate links between performance metrics and values-based actions, collaborative work, academic priorities,    administrative effectiveness, and the budget framework.
  3. Support collaboration within UBC Applied Science, and between UBC Applied Science and other UBC Faculties.


Foster leaders and the capacity to lead within and beyond the University environment.


  1. Integrate leadership models, language, training, and opportunities into the student experience.
  2. Use training, metrics, and incentives to develop and reward a culture of leadership within staff and faculty.
  3. Promote an academic culture that supports the free and respectful exchange of ideas.