Strategic oversight

This plan was developed through the support of the full UBC Applied Science community, and with strategic oversight from the Strategic Planning Steering Committee and our Faculty’s leadership.

Steering Committee: Represented a cross-section of our Faculty: graduate and undergraduate students, senior and pre-tenured faculty, department heads and school directors, and senior administrative staff from within the 11 units of our Faculty across both campuses.

Process Development Working Group: Senior members of the Dean’s External Advisory Committee worked with a small group of staff and faculty to develop the processes for engagement, analysis, implementation and communication. This Process Development Working Group also conducted a comprehensive environmental scan of socioeconomic data, peer institutional strategies, and student outcomes and ambitions.

Leadership Review Team: Dean, Associate Deans, Department Heads and School Directors and the Dean’s Office Directors worked together with the Steering Committee in a series of workshops to test key components of the strategic plan and define the Faculty’s vision, mission, values, commitments and priority areas.

Priority Area Leads: Associate Deans and Dean’s Office Staff Leads further developed each priority area, and conducted a series of community consultations to define strategies for success.

Analysis Team: The Dean and Staff Leads strength-tested the strategic plan against uncertain futures.