Solutions for people

Solutions for people

People are at the centre of everything we do. As trusted professionals: engineers, nurses, planners and architects, we provide the foundation for a safe, secure, healthy, high-quality life.

As researchers and innovators, we are creating highly impactful solutions that aim to radically transform health and wellness, and shape a society and economy where people are more connected, empowered and effective.

Our role is to train professionals and provide the necessary seeds so our graduates develop ethical and responsible technology solutions to meet the challenges of society.

Faculty Member, School of Engineering, Okanagan

Connections + context

We are facing increasingly complex challenges (13) that rely on integrated disciplines (2) and strategic partnerships (14) to be able to effectively address them. Solutions are often found at the intersection of disciplines; requiring an integration of technologies and policy. An example of this is the School of Biomedical Engineering, a new interdisciplinary collaboration between the Faculties of Applied Science and Medicine who partner with industry, health authorities, research centres and stakeholder groups. It aims to provide a clear pathway for innovative health solutions, from the discovery of new biomedical technologies to their development and application to benefit human health.

We advance an innovative spirit (7) in everything we do, including our faculty, buildings and spaces, and processes and incentives. We inspire entrepreneurial thinking (11) to guide societal-driven impactful research (12) into successful solutions. In this way, laboratory discoveries and innovations will benefit people and promote economic prosperity and high-quality job creation.

Thriving cities and communities