Commitments + values

As professionals in service to society, we are committed to action that will affect urgent and meaningful transformation in each of our identified priority areas.

Our commitments to action

by Example
Embrace Ambiguity
Act with Intention
Increase Impact
Accelerate Solutions

We are committed to lead by example in our actions as individuals and through our policies and processes as an institution. We will embody the qualities of a 21st century university as a leading example of the professional education, research and practice to ensure our Faculty advances global actions.

We will embrace ambiguity in our own technologically evolving work place and enable work readiness in rapidly evolving social and economic environments through a honed repertoire of technical, creative, critical thinking, leadership, digital collaboration and intercultural skills.

We will act with intention to develop the leaders of tomorrow that demonstrate intentional and consistent action to foster a culture grounded in inclusion and respectful engagement.

We will increase impact of our research, education, and community engagement; to work closely with partners to ensure healthy, productive, safe, inclusive and sustainable lives, cities and communities both locally and globally.

We will develop and implement real-world environmental and economically sustainable innovations and accelerate solutions that support planetary health, future cities and healthy and productive communities.


Our core values have helped us to identify and prioritize the elements and strategies within our plan:

We are trusted professionals.

We are bold, confident and courageous.

We are rapid, responsive and resilient.

We are impactful innovators.

We are diverse, interdisciplinary collaborators.