Going forward

This strategic plan presents a collective vision for our Faculty that looks outward to increase impact across scales of people, place and planet; and recognizes the need to transform our organization in order to elevate our ability to make that impact.

While the planning process began before the COVID-19 pandemic, the outcome will ensure our Faculty is better equipped to respond to the crisis.

The plan serves as a guiding document for the Faculty’s departments and schools as they develop their own strategic plans and initiatives. The priorities and strategies in the plan form a framework for decision-making and investment across the Faculty.

A Faculty-level implementation plan is already in development.


  • Identify a series of projects and initiatives that map directly to our strategies
  • Provide performance metrics tied to a progress evaluation process

In addition, we are seeking the input from our community and have set aside significant resources to support initiatives that come from our community through a series of open innovation style Call for Proposals initiative to draw upon the insight of the community and put our plan into action.

Strategic oversight