University for the future

University for the future

Our core mission to inspire learning, lead research and develop tomorrow’s citizens will not change. What will change is how we achieve this mission.

The future requires critical thinkers who can examine a problem from all sides and draw on a well-rounded education in terms of ethics, design, technical and social elements.

We are creating professional leaders who can solve complex, wide-ranging challenges; drive economic development locally and nationally; positively impact society, and yield tremendous global impact.

Our Faculty defines and embodies the University for the future throughout its core mission of research, education and community engagement. We are keeping pace with the evolution of disciplines and professions resulting from technology and globalization, as well as the changing expectations around access to knowledge and how it is delivered. Flexible learning options across multiple scales of credentials shape our programs and student experiences to ensure that British Columbia and Canada have the talent, the expertise and the ability to grow and create the jobs of the future.

Connections + context

We are developing and delivering leading-edge teaching (1), including advanced curricula, digital technology and teaching methodology. We are ensuring students have digital collaboration (3) and intercultural fluency skills to work across local and global teams. We inspire entrepreneurial thinking (11) in our students, staff and faculty to build the competencies that drive innovative organizational change, social innovation and new ventures leading to economic prosperity and future jobs.

Our students and researchers use a cross-discipline approach to address local and global complex challenges (13) across society, health and the environment. We are developing new programs that integrate disciplines (2) to bring together teams of students and researchers and support them in applying a systems approach to design thinking to find solutions to our world’s greatest challenges.

“Grades alone don’t tell you the full potential of a learner. If we want our students to reflect the population we serve, we may have to change the way we evaluate people.”

Equity, Diversity & Inclusivity
and Indigenous Engagement Committees

We are invested in providing the competencies and spaces to build and mentor inclusive respectful leaders (9) who understand the importance of truth & reconciliation (8) and a balanced work-life culture (5).

We create lifelong value (4) for students, staff, faculty and alumni through continuous education and by providing expertise, mentorship opportunities and specialized infrastructure for a community that is generational.

Future of work