Goal: Learning Environment


Create an open learning culture that develops leadership, creativity, and professionalism.


  1. Create an integrated learning culture built on our world-class strengths in research and education.
  2. Foster an inclusive and diverse learning community.
  3. Nurture, model, and uphold high ethical standards.


Deliver a globally competitive undergraduate student experience.


  1. Recruit exceptional students from diverse backgrounds, and attract under-represented groups through targeted, community-relevant outreach and programming.
  2. Provide an integrated educational experience that links across programs and years and extends our impact from K-12 through to lifelong learning.
  3. Ensure that all students engage in professional development activities. 4 Facilitate and support international mobility.


Provide internationally renowned graduate education that produces outstanding scholars and professionals.


  1. Attract the best graduate students from around the world.
  2. Provide outstanding opportunities, facilities, and support for graduate student research.
  3. Expand professional graduate education and industry engagement opportunities.