Goal: Engaged Community


Cultivate lifelong relationships that more strongly connect the Faculty with alumni, friends, industry partners, and the Province.


  1. Foster meaningful engagement with alumni and friends.
  2. Identify and address challenges to engagement faced by the external community.
  3. Build public awareness of societal issues that we are uniquely positioned to address.


Be a driving force in British Columbia’s social and economic ecosystem.


  1. Position UBC Applied Science as a vital partner and dynamic leader in solutions-based societal change.
  2. Advance research and education partnerships for the benefit of our communities and professions.
  3. Be a leader in providing a safe and respectful environment for difficult conversations about issues relating to our disciplines.


Become a world-class innovation hub for partnership with private- and public-sector organizations.


  1. Lead by example in the creation of innovation hubs at UBC that become connecting points for our communities.
  2. In collaboration with government, industry, academic partners, and alumni, work to diversify and expand the engineering, health, architecture, and planning sectors in British Columbia.