The Faculty of Applied Science provides a values-driven culture, creating an environment that fully supports passionate engagement in scholarly activity and attracts and retains world-class students, staff, and faculty from around the globe.


A Nursing faculty member studies men’s health at UBC Body Works Fitness Centre. UBC Nursing has an international reputation for research and scholarship characterized by social relevance.


Students, faculty, and staff turn out for UBC Applied Science’s annual 2K Turkey Trot to raise awareness and funds for the United Way.

We—architects, landscape architects, engineers, nurses, and planners— embody the ethics and values of our respective professions, and co-create a culture infused by them all.


On the vanguard of the global shift toward sustainability in all arenas, we take to heart its application to academic culture, and seek to embed the basic tenets of wellbeing in our policies and daily practices, both personal and professional.


We nurture an ethos of collegiality and scholarly generosity, blending the best of academia’s traditions with an unequivocal commitment to equity and diversity of every kind. We recognize leadership as separate from title or role, as an attribute that can be learned, and acknowledge it in all its manifestations. Leadership training is an integral part of both educational and professional development at all levels.


We redefine success to include all committed action toward it. As with leadership, we establish recognition and reward structures that reflect our esteem of the courage to risk.


A community of diverse disciplines on campuses in two cities, we recognize the promise inherent in our differences. We are at our best when faced with problems considered by most to be impossible to solve, for it is there that our varied approaches, practice cultures, and discipline-specific languages, combined, become our greatest strength.