The Faculty of Applied Science defines and hones its exceptional research strengths, assumes global leadership, expands the boundaries of professional practice, and accelerates knowledge mobilization to benefit society.


Biomedical engineers develop solutions for people around the world.


An Engineering faculty member helps deliver clean water to First Nations and rural communities.

The UBC Applied Science research enterprise helps drive the reputation of one of the top research-intensive universities in the world. It comprises both fundamental discovery and the relentless expansion of professional practice, and powers vital innovation in the arenas of productivity, safety, sustainability, health, and wellbeing.


A team endeavor, our research is part of a cycle of evolution that positions our teaching and learning at the leading edge of disciplinary knowledge. Faculty members collaborate across disciplines, while business, community, and governments work with us as partners. Our graduates carry new knowledge into the world, changing their professions in the process. New questions arise and the cycle advances.


Our role in society, the regard with which our individual professions are held, and the resultant responsibilities we bear demand now that we increase our global reach and our capacity to address society’s grand challenges.


We affirm our strengths and promote external partnerships to develop emerging areas of excellence and to equip our researchers with stateof-the-art infrastructure and tools. We recognize the value in each member’s differing contribution and provide a culture in which we all may push the boundaries of what’s possible. We streamline our knowledge-mobilization mechanisms and expand the portal to greater engagement. Our research belongs to the community.