The Faculty of Applied Science provides a superb student experience: outward facing, research driven, hands on, and grounded in core fundamentals, sustainability, and integrity.


Community and regional planners advance the transition to sustainability through integrated policy and planning research, professional education, and community service.


Engineering students proudly wear their Iron Pins, symbols of their commitment to ethics and integrity. Photo: courtesy of Mike Tian (EUS).

We design our learning culture to access the best of the professional world: hands-on, flexible learning modalities. Direct work experiences with real-world partners. Physical spaces—studios, labs, workshops, practice rooms—that spark vibrant interactions with colleagues and put leading-edge technologies directly into students’ hands.


Students progress through programs as part of a cohort, teamed with people who will become colleagues and lasting friends. Senior students mentor those more junior, propelling a cycle of paying it forward. Faculty and staff are invigorated by students’ excitement for learning. Engagement in research at all levels drives curriculum development, keeping courses at the forefront of what’s known.


Our values-driven culture is the substrate for every interaction. Historical barriers to admission and academic advancement are eradicated. We find ourselves stronger for the change.


The learning matrix includes every experience, the line between curricular and co-curricular blurs, and classroom walls dissolve, revealing a template for lifelong learning. Service learning, international study, and professional development are the rule rather than the exception. Our graduates—our most immediate form of knowledge mobilization—hit the ground running.