The Faculty of Applied Science partners with its communities to advance the wellbeing of society by addressing social, economic, cultural, and ecological challenges.

Alumni from the CHEM ENG Class of ’64 reconnect at UBC.


Architects and landscape architects use visualization tools to orchestrate the social, cultural, political, technical, and artistic relationships of people to the built environment and the land.

A university is a legacy each generation leaves for the next. How we transform it—and are ourselves transformed by it—determines our collective capacity to leave the world a better place than we found it.


With multiple sites and a global reach, UBC Applied Science is both a part of the social and economic landscape and a driver of change. Our activities shape the way science meets societal needs, and our community engagement enables us to be of service in every arena. Accordingly, we build connections with one another to strengthen our culture; we offer leadership wherever our expertise allows and become a destination for leaders; and we act with conscious attention to our community’s impact on people and on the planet.


We are a portal for engagement with community, industry, and government. In partnership with colleagues across campus, we position UBC at the head of a world-class innovation district and speed the mobilization of new knowledge to society. We take up this challenge knowing that we share a common vision and an uncommon bond, and that together we are building a legacy worthy of the next generation.