Goal: Research Enterprise


Foster a culture that values and rewards research excellence and leadership.


  1. Provide practical, logistical, and financial support, training, mentorship, and incentives for the pursuit of high-risk and large-scale strategic research activities.
  2.  Attract, recruit, and retain the best graduate students and postdoctoral fellows.
  3.  Develop a hiring and promotion process that consults, engages, and integrates the needs of research clusters, industry, and community stakeholders.
  4.  Measure, reward, and celebrate research and innovation excellence


Drive increased engagement with strategic research partners.


  1. Develop thematic, interdisciplinary research clusters aligned with industry, government, and community.
  2. Develop Affiliate Programs that enable stakeholder engagement with research clusters.
  3. Communicate research excellence and partnership ambitions; develop a marketing and communications strategy for each prospective partner, promoting benefits and means of engagement.
  4. Support the creation and advancement of research partnerships with the best universities and research institutions around the world.


Increase the speed and volume of knowledge mobilization and technology transfer.


  1. Foster and support entrepreneurial ambitions and skills in researchers.
  2.  Invest in key facilities and expertise that support globally leading innovation.